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Why - (Life's Persisting Qtn!)

See below!!

1. Why do we need another Ayyappa temple in USA?

* This temple is envisioned to stand on its own as in  


* Built very similar to Sabarimala, with three facets,

hill top with 18 steps and Ayyappan Sannidhi (phase 2)

on the banks of simulated pampa (river body) Balalayam (phase 1)

chinna pathai/ peria pathai - 2 km connecting Balalayam and Ayyappan Sannidhi,..... heated too! (phase 3)

* Poojas will be performed as per tantric tradition, as in Sabarimala, by a resident Namboodri priest

* Serve as a melting pot for people from all faiths who believe in Ayyappa

* Abhishekam and weekly pooja for Ayyappan will be conducted every Saturday as per tradition. (BTW this is happening now at Ayyappan's current abode, every Saturday)

* this ("the Sabari of America") to serve as one of the goto places for all Ayyappan devotees, during the season

* Ayyappan Balalayam would become a place to instill communal hamony and acceptance of all faith, which is the tradition in Sabarimala

2. Why Ayyappan temple in Detroit, MI?

* Why not?

* There are core groups in Detroit, who are following Sabarimala traditions since 2001

3. What is tantric tradition?

* The poojas at the main temple in Sabaraimala is performed in a sign-language style. No sounds.

* This is done by trained namboodri priests

4. Who is Namboodri?

* Priestly community in Kerala, who have been associated with Kerala temples, like Guruvayoor, Sabarimala, etc.

Last Update:  Saturday, May 28, 2016
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