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Current Abode

116 Aberdeen Drive
Troy, MI 48098

Future Abode

TBD City, MI .....coming soon, with the support of all devotees!

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa
Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangam is planning to build an Ayyappa Swami Temple in TBD, Michigan
Initial proposal is to build a Balalayam (short term temple), and plan for the long-term temple with 18 steps.
Location TBD, MI
Purpose of building an Ayyappa Swami Temple in Michigan
** To serve communities of Southeast Michigan, and extend the service to  states in the mid western and eastern sea board of USA
** To have a local, safe and easy-access place for regular worship and fellowship
** To inculcate Hindu values and culture to our family life
** To instill pride in Indian heritage within our youth
** To grow pride and confidence within our community through a center that represents our interests

Current Status
We are now preparing plan for the short term and developing a detailed project plan for short and long term Temple construction. We are planning on raising funds through fundraisers and voluntary contributions. Look forward to more information about these events in your email. We plan to open the Balalayam as soon as possible with your support.
To donate either in cash or kind please email

Last Update:  Sunday, May 10, 2015
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