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Origin & Purpose

2015 In Mar-Apr of 2015, the efforts to build a temple in the exact style, form and function of Sabari Mala came about. Then we started dba (doing business as) Mel Sabari.


2004 The organization started with 10 members in 2001; today it has 17 direct members and an extended family of about 100 people. In 2004 we registered with Ahkila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangam in India, we changed our Sangam name also to Ahkila Bharataha Seva Sangam and registered in North America as a non-profit 501c organization. It is our vision to build a temple for Ayyappa in Detroit, with the same tantric style, form and function of Sabari Mala


2001 In the winter of 2001, we were doing the Mandalotsava Bhajans every weekend. It was the day when the Mandalotsava Bhajan was hosted at Sri B.C. Sharmaji's house, 10 Ayyappa devotees opened a discussion and came up with the innovative idea to start an organization in North America to foster Ayyappa Bhakthi in the minds of people and also to help the needy back in India during the Sabarimala pilgrimage. The next task was to find a name for the organization. As in any team, everybody wrote different names, from which we selected one name “Sri Ayyappa Seva Sangam”. After the Mandala and Makara season was over in 2002, we registered the organization under the name “Sri. Ayyappa Seva Sangam.”


Last Update:  Sunday, May 10, 2015
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